Introducing Lakshya Pocket Lab

What could be better way to show off our SAAS app than presenting you some video to understand our product

About Us

Lakshya Pocket Lab is startup working in Indian Health Care Ecosystem. Our Vision is to digitize the Healthcare ecosystem for Digital India. It is a SaaS platform to connect pathology lab with their Patient.

Lakshya Pocket Lab automate the pathologies to reduce their manual work and let them focus on patient care rather than worrying about technical challenges. We provide report sharing, machine interfacing and feedback collection services to pathologies in central India. More than 5000 medical reports are shared, 15+ lab machines integrated and 500+ feedbacks collected using our feedback services. We are growing and working with health care providers to make the patient experience pleasant. We believe in making a Customer centric product and every bit of work revolve around our customer.

Our Report Management module helps pathology in sharing the medical report with their patient easily. Once a pathologist upload report on our portal, We notify the Patient via SMS. Patient can view their reports instantly free of cost on our website and android mobile app.

Going digital helps in reducing the pressure to control air pollution. The waste produced by paper-related industries also does great harm to our ecosystem. Simply taking a digital initiative by going online instead of on paper goes a long way in protecting the Earth. Be a smart citizen, Contribute your bit to environment by going digital. Our solution cost less than printing a report on paper.

Digital Service For Patients


Instant Reports Notification

Patient can access report instantly via web link given in notification sms.


Android Mobile App

Patient can manage their report via Mobile App. Patient can save reports offline in their phone.


Web Portal

Patient can login on web portal via their mobile number to access their all the medical reports on web.


Patient Report Sharing and Management

Share medical report with your patient on cloud instantly. Digitize your pathology and automatize your medical report delivery tasks to save time for staff and patient.

Pathology just need to upload the report. Patient get the notification sms on their mobile. Patient can view the report from the link provided in sms.

  • Centralized Platform for Patient to keep all Health Reports from different Labs for patient
  • Option to upload report through Web Portal and Desktop Application
  • Plug-ins and APIs to integrate with any Lab or Hospital Software
  • Cost less than printing a report on paper.

Report Upload Is Easier Than Ever

It's very easy to start using Lakshya Pocket Lab. You just need to register and you will receive access to the application and all will be setup on your machines.

  • Automatic Report Upload in Background
  • No manual intervention needed to start and stop the application
  • Support for all the Windows and Linux Platform

Web Portal

Web Portal helps the Pathology in manage the patient's reports.

  • Daily Update email
  • Analytics and Report Upload Data

Feedback Tool

Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Pathology

Listen to your patient's experience with the help of our feedback tool. Keep your customers happy and loyal.

  • Understand customers and meet their requirements
  • Daily Feedback Update, Monthly Performance Report via Mail
  • No Upfront Prepayment, Pay-as-you-use model
  • Stay ahead of your competition


30 days trial
  • 100 Reports
  • Pathology Portal Management
  • Instant Link with Your brand name
2 Months
  • 1000 Reports
  • Report Collection Tool Setup
  • Pathology Portal Access
  • Daily Email Update
  • Instant Link with Your branding
  • Report Collection Tool Setup
  • Pathology Portal Access
  • Daily Email Update
  • White Label Instant Link Page
  • Feedback Service Pay-As-Per-Use